Dr. Mohammad T. Jaberansari

Dr Mohammad T. Jaberansari has a cosmopolitan background.
He was born in Tehran, Iran. He attended school college in Manchester, United Kingdom. For his medical degree he travelled to Pecs in the south of Hungary. That was followed by his PhD, half of which he completed in Cape Town, South Africa, sponsored by UCL of London. He then returned to UK for his basic surgical training (Scotland and Devon) and obtained his membership to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He finally returned to Hungary where he trained further and is now working as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Budapest. Of course he managed to squeeze in a 3 month internship in Belgium as well during his training.
To date he continues this trend. He does most of his aesthetic surgery work in Budapest. For reconstructive surgery he prefers to travel to Pecs. He even manages to hold consultations and day clinics in the UK.
Because of his scientific background during his PhD years (when he was training to be a heart surgeon!), he is meticulous and methodical. Because of his unique background, he has developed into a highly skilled surgeon and a very good team player. Mohammad firmly believes that every member of the team at Ansari-Aesthetics is equally important and vital in assuring optimal patient care.
This ethos has been nurtured and engrained in the working culture at AnsariAesthetics.

Our Concept

At Ansari-Aesthetics we strive to ensure you receive optimal care during your stay with us. However, we can promise you more than that. We appreciate that deciding to undergo treatment abroad may not be an easy one. Uncertainty over choosing the right doctor, the right clinic, or even the right country may linger for some. We want your experience in choosing Ansari-Aesthetics to be fulfilling and stress free, from the first email or telephone conversation until your last follow up visit.

That is precisely why Dr Mohammad T Jaberansari will receive all enquiries personally. He will answer all emails and carry out all remote-consultations, until you are seen in person. His International experience in the field and the careful selection of expert colleagues at Ansari-Aesthetics will ensure best possible care for our patients.

Our commitment is that you shall feel well looked after and right at home.

Chemical Peel

The Team

Most aesthetic procedures are carried out at the same unitin which Dr Jaberansari has been working since 2008. The unit is one of the largest private plastic surgery units in the country with dedicated nursing staff and two very experienced anaesthetists with background in cardiology and intensive care.Reconstructive procedures are carried outin Pecs at a unit which houses arguably one of the best reconstructive surgery team in the country. In fact, it is the very same unit were Dr Jaberansari trained and is affiliated to even today.